Wonderful writeup. Thanks for sharing mate.

A few questions on my end:

1. How is the company able to price its products so cheap vs peers? What's the differentiator in its value chain that allows it to do so?

2. The products it sells have a long replacement cycle so, the revenue is not recurring. From where do you believe the growth will come from - market share gains, cross-selling to existing customers etc.?

3. What's the customer acquisition strategy?


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Interesting... I will include in next Monday's "Emerging Market Links + The Week Ahead" post e.g. https://emergingmarketskeptic.substack.com/p/emerging-markets-week-august-28-2023

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As a US investor, I’m attracted to the brand, additional penetration, and margin expansion. My biggest fear is the China exposure - just been burned a few times recently. I’ll look into it deeper and let you know if I have questions. Thanks!

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This is very well done

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